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Facial Asymmetry

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Introduction to Facial Asymmetry

People often search for cosmetic treatments to correct facial asymmetry in Philadelphia. It is very common for certain facial features to be slightly asymmetrical, and this can create a feeling of frustration and a need for improvement. Our treatments can restore visible symmetry in the facial features as well as balance and harmony to the face. 

What Is Facial Asymmetry?

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Facial asymmetry exists when facial features on one side of the face do not fully match the features on the other side. No face is perfectly identical on both sides, and there is almost always a certain degree of asymmetry in one’s face. Asymmetries can rise due to genetics, the natural aging process, injuries, dental work, and even UV damage.

Facial Asymmetry Correction Techniques

Correction of facial asymmetry can be done using a variety of techniques, and the method utilized depends on each patient’s unique facial anatomy and treatment goals. During your consultation with Dr. Tina Ho, she will examine your facial features and discuss with you your aesthetic goals to help determine your ideal treatment options.

Jawline Botox: In some people, facial asymmetry arises due to overuse of the jaw muscles or masseter muscles. When a person uses one side of their jaw more or clenches it unconsciously, that side develops stronger muscles that are visibly larger and squarer, resulting in asymmetry of the lower face.

With Botox masseter treatment, Botox is injected into the muscle on the side of the jaw that appears larger. Injecting Botox into the masseter muscle blocks nerve signals to the muscle, helping it relax. This in turn allows the muscle to shrink back down, bringing harmony to both sides and improving the overall appearance of the jawline. To learn more about Botox masseter injections, click here.

Botox Injections: Besides the jawline, Botox can be utilized to help resolve facial asymmetry in other areas of the face. Dr. Tina Ho routinely injects Botox in a customized approach tailored to the individual patient’s facial anatomy to correct asymmetric wrinkle lines, brow asymmetry, eye aperture asymmetry, and lip asymmetry. These small and nuanced treatments create subtle results that are impactful for the patient.

Dermal Filler Injections: Filler treatment with JuvedermRestylane, Merz, or RHA fillers is a wonderful procedure for restoring facial symmetry and balance with no downtime and immediate results. Dermal fillers can improve volume, projection, and definition in areas of the face that appear more deficient compared to the other side. Dr. Tina Ho commonly performs filler injections to the cheeks and rest of midface and jawline to help correct any asymmetries in the face. To learn more about dermal fillers, click here.

Facial Asymmetry Treatment Aftercare

All of our treatments are non-surgical and minimally invasive, so after your facial asymmetry treatment session, you will be able to go right back to your everyday activities. No downtime or recovery will be required.

There may be a minor degree of swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection sites, but these will only be temporary.

Patients can see visible results immediately after the procedure or within a couple days. Results last several months or even longer depending on the chosen product. After the results fade, patients can return for maintenance treatment.


How Much Does Facial Asymmetry Treatment Cost?
The price of your treatment for facial asymmetry will depend on many factors. The chosen treatment method will affect cost, as will the number of injections needed to reach your aesthetic goals. The number of treatment sessions needed will also play a role.
Surgical Options for Facial Asymmetry
There are numerous surgical treatment options for restoring facial symmetry with permanent results. Dr. Ho is a highly trained facial plastic surgeon and experienced in a variety of cosmetic facial surgical procedures that can be pursued to help correct facial asymmetry and include but are not limited to brow lifteyelid surgeryfaceliftneck lift, and rhinoplasty.

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