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Please note online appointments can only be booked for our Wayne office at this time. Please call 267.627.6463 to schedule appointments with Dr. Ho in Center City (Philadelphia).

For consultations or treatment visits booked online, a consultation or deposit fee of $150 will be charged at the time of scheduling.

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Lip Reduction Surgery in Philadelphia

Conveniently located to serve Philadelphia, Wayne, and the entire Main Line.

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Lip reduction in Philadelphia is a procedure designed to reduce the appearance of an overly prominent lip. In the appropriate candidate, lip reduction surgery achieves more natural and proportionate lips that are harmonious with the rest of the face.

 Dr. Tina Ho’s approach to lip reduction surgery is conservative: She avoids removing excessive lip mucosa or tissue that may otherwise put the patient at risk of an overcorrected and unnatural result.

 Her thorough knowledge of lip anatomy combined with her artistic intuition as a fellowship-trained, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon ensures natural results. With her specialized skills and experience, she is able to achieve aesthetically pleasing results for every lip reduction patient. Dr. Tina Ho attracts patients from all over the greater Philadelphia and Main Line region as well as from out of state. 

Ideal Candidates for Lip Reduction

Lip reduction may be performed in patients who naturally developed overly prominent lips or who suffer this issue from a previous lip augmentation procedure involving a permanent implant or filler product that cannot be easily removed. One common foreign body that requires removal in lip reduction surgery is silicone filler or implant. It is also an excellent option for patients with lip asymmetries. Either the upper lip or lower lip or both lips may be suitable for reduction depending on size and proportion. Dr. Ho’s ideal aesthetic for the lips is a 1:2 height ratio for the upper lip to the lower lip. 

The best candidates for lip reduction surgery are patients who do not smoke or are willing to quit smoking for several weeks before the procedure. These patients must also avoid smoking during recovery. Smoking increases the chance of complications and can prolong the recovery process.

If you have an inflammatory or autoimmune condition, this may affect your candidacy for lip reduction surgery. Patients with frequent mouth sores must discuss this issue with Dr. Ho. Any infections in the mouth area must be addressed before patients can undergo lip reduction.


Dr. Tina Ho is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive training in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. As a female surgeon, she is intuitively aware of the concerns and needs of her patients, many of whom are female. 

Identified as the best in facial plastic surgery by Philadelphia Style Magazine, Dr. Ho provides world-class care for the Philadelphia area and surrounding communities and states. Priding herself on providing her patients with the best in individualized care and exceptional treatment, Dr. Ho has established herself as a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery.


In Philadelphia, lip reduction surgery can range from $2,000 to $8,000 depending on many different factors that must be considered. While the majority of lip reduction surgeries can be performed in the office under local anesthetic, more complicated procedures may require a trip to the operating room, which can increase the overall costs. Other factors that play a role in determining the cost include:

  • Surgeon experience and expertise. Preventing overcorrection or an unnatural appearance after surgery is paramount. Selecting the best lip reduction surgeon in Philadelphia can lower the risk of these complications. Although the upfront costs may be higher, a complication from a botched lip reduction surgery can result in additional procedures costing more time and money. Achieving the best results the first time is important to prevent future stress and expense.
  • Geographic location. The higher costs of operating a business and higher demand for cosmetic surgeons in larger cities such as Philadelphia can result in higher costs. 
  • Procedure extent/additional procedures. The complexity of the lip reduction and additional procedures performed can increase the overall costs of surgery.


Lip reduction surgery is classified as a cosmetic procedure and therefore is not covered by health insurance plans. As this procedure will be paid out-of-pocket, Dr. Ho will go over the expected costs with you to help you make a more informed decision.


Yes. Financing options are available that can allow you to pay for the procedure over time. Tina Ho MD, Facial Plastic Surgery accepts CareCredit as a financing option with a first six months deferred interest plan. 


An examination of the lips and face will be performed to determine if a lip reduction is appropriate. A medical history will be obtained to ensure no contraindications to the procedure are present. Lip reduction before and after photos can be reviewed to get a good idea of the expected results. Finally, Dr. Ho will discuss your goals and desires and develop a customized plan to provide the best results.


A lip reduction surgery can help reduce excess volume in the lips, improving the balance and harmony of your facial features. If you are considering lip reduction surgery, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Tina Ho today by calling our office at 267-578-3064 (Philadelphia) or 610-688-3363 (Wayne).

“My thorough knowledge of lip anatomy combined with my artistic intuition as a fellowship-trained, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon ensures natural, aesthetically pleasing results for every lip surgery patient.”

Dr. Tina Ho

Dr. Tina Ho


The Lip Reduction Procedure

Typically, lip reduction takes around 30-60 minutes to perform. This surgery can be performed in the office setting under local anesthesia. 

A small incision is created in the pink inner lip just as the border where the wet portion of the lip meets the dry portion of the lip to camouflage the eventual scar. Next, tissue is removed conservatively in order to reduce volume. Finally, the incision is closed using dissolvable sutures. Typically there is no discernable scar once the lip is well-healed.

Recovery After Lip Reduction

During lip reduction recovery, the lips will experience a degree of swelling for several weeks. Ice packs and adequate hydration help to address this swelling. Redness may be present for a few days. Any pain can be reduced with the help of OTC pain relievers as recommended.

Patients will be required to follow a soft diet for 1 week and to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity for 2 weeks. Dissolvable sutures will be present for 1 to 2 weeks before dissolving naturally.

Once all swelling has fully reduced, patients will be able to see the full results of their lip reduction procedure.

How Much Does Lip Reduction Cost?

The price of a lip reduction procedure is affected by a number of factors. Cost is impacted by the time required to perform the surgery, the anesthesia utilized, and the techniques used.

Find Out More

If you would like to learn more about lip reduction in Philadelphia and Wayne, contact the office of Dr. Tina Ho. Dr. Ho will be happy to help you achieve the lip proportions you desire, so schedule your informative consultation today.

Your Lip Reduction Surgery in Philadelphia will be performed by Dr. Tina Ho in her surgery center in Philadelphia.

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