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Please note online appointments can only be booked for our Wayne office at this time. Please call 267.627.6463 to schedule appointments with Dr. Ho in Center City (Philadelphia).

For consultations or treatment visits booked online, a consultation or deposit fee of $150 will be charged at the time of scheduling.

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Otoplasty Ear Pinning Surgery in Philadelphia

Conveniently located to serve Philadelphia, Wayne, and the entire Main Line.

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to Otoplasty

Birth defects, accidents, or trauma can lend to a misshapen, protruding, or deformed ear. Dr. Ho will help reshape and refine ears with hidden scars and beautiful results.

Otoplasty Surgical Technique

As a fellowship-trained, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, I utilize specialized suturing techniques including the Mustarde technique to pin back the ears for ideal cosmetic results.

– Dr. Tina Ho

What is Otoplasty?

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Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning, is a minimally invasive type of ear surgery that cosmetically alters the shape, position, or size of the ears. Achieving the look you desire from otoplasty will require the expertise of a skilled surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery of the face and understands ear anatomy well. Dr. Ho specializes in otoplasty and performs each procedure according to the anatomic features and surgical goals of the individual patient.

Procedure Overview

What goes into an otoplasty? During this procedure, Dr. Ho will carefully suture or stitch the cartilage of the ears to bring them closer to the head, ensuring they heal in the desired position.  The ears are a sensitive part of your head, so you will need to find a surgeon with gifted hands, such as Dr. Ho, that you can trust to handle an area as delicate as this. 

Should You Get Otoplasty?

Do your ears hang low? Do they visibly stick out and protrude? If so, an otoplasty, or ear pinning operation, might be exactly what you need to improve the appearance of your ears and boost your confidence. One of the most common conditions that motivate patients to seek otoplasty is prominent ears, or the abnormal protrusion of ears from the head. For individuals impacted by this abnormality, ear protrusion is due to an underdeveloped antihelical fold and/or hypertrophy of the conchal cartilage. Once an antihelical fold becomes malformed, it results in the helix propelling outward. This is referred to as prominauris, which is classified by an auriculocephalic angle exceeding 30 degrees. Hypertrophy of the conchal cartilage, or the bowl-shaped cartilage of the ear, can also cause the ear to protrude outward.

Am I a Good Candidate?

You may be a good candidate for otoplasty in Philadelphia if:

  • You are a nonsmoker
  • Are between the ages of 5 to 66 years old
  • You have realistic expectations about the procedure and the results it can achieve
  • Are in overall good health

Why Choose Dr. Ho to Perform Your Otoplasty Procedure?

At Tina Ho MD, Facial Plastic Surgery, no two procedures are alike. Dr. Ho takes a customizable approach that treats every patient based on their own unique needs. Here are some of the several reasons why you are in good hands and can rest assured when you select Dr. Tina Ho to be your otoplasty surgeon: 

  • Highly-qualified. When it comes to your ear-pinning surgery, you deserve nothing but the best. Dr. Ho is a talented, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is also fellowship-trained. She has years of experience, and a reputation as a leading cosmetic plastic surgeon in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.      
  • Techniques. Dr. Ho is a versatile surgeon who specializes in structured techniques, such as the Mustarde technique, which enables her to develop an antihelical fold containing 2-4 horizontal mattress fixation structures. Dr. Ho can also perform this surgery under local anesthesia in the office setting or under general anesthesia depending on patient preference. 
  • Local Expertise. Dr. Ho has office locations in the heart of Philadelphia and Wayne, Pennsylvania. Our services extend through the Tri-State area and beyond. As a leading facial plastic surgeon in this area, it’s a no-brainer to choose quality care that is close to home.   


What is Dr. Ho’s approach to Otoplasty?

As a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Ho distinguishes herself as an expert of the face. She possesses dedicated training in otoplasty from one of the top facial plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship programs in the country. Dr. Ho cares for otoplasty patients seeking her expertise from Philadelphia and Wayne extending to greater Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Dr. Ho pursues a conservative approach to otoplasty and avoids aggressive maneuvers that may put a patient at risk of overcorrection with an unnatural result. Her surgical technique focuses on improving the appearance and position of the ears so that they in harmony with the rest of the face. Dr. Ho performs otoplasty through well-hidden incisions behind the ears. She utilizes specialized suturing and cartilage trimming techniques to re-establish important natural contours as well as appropriate positioning for each ear. Her goal is to restore facial balance and confidence in every otoplasty patient.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost?

Otoplasty ear surgery can transform your appearance, but is it worth the cost? The average cost of otoplasty ear surgery can range from $7,000 to $9,000, and this amount typically varies from patient to patient. However, here are some general factors that are usually considered when calculating your otoplasty price.   

Facility Fees

Facility fees are additional expenses that your practice will include in the cost of your otoplasty procedure. These are generally applied to cover the cost of operating a facility, so it can vary from establishment to establishment.  

Anesthesia Fees

Anesthesia may not be required for your otoplasty. In the event that it is, a practice may apply a fee to your account to facilitate the anesthesia to you during your procedure. 

Consultation Fees 

Consultation fees are charges that will be applied to your bill, and since they are determined by your surgeon, they generally vary.  

Doctor Experience Level

There is a relationship between ear surgery costs and your surgeon’s experience level. At Tina Ho MD, Facial Plastic Surgery, patients can experience the best of both worlds a world-class cosmetic surgeon with exceptional service at a fair and reasonable price. 


Any location where there is a high demand for otoplasty, naturally, it will result in higher prices. If you are located in Philadelphia or select parts of the Tri-State area (Center City, the Main Line, Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware), contact Tina Ho, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and see what otoplasty prices are like in your city.     

Insurance Coverage

If you are thinking of undergoing ear pinning surgery, and you are wondering if your health insurance will cover your procedure, you should know that it is highly unlikely. Insurance companies classify otoplasty as a cosmetic procedure, which means it is not medically necessary. Since most health insurance policies do not cover cosmetic treatments, insurance coverage is generally not an option. 

Although your health insurance may not cover otoplasty procedures, there may be payment plans available to help. For more information, reach out to Tina Ho, MD Facial Plastic Surgery and learn your options.

What to Expect During a Consultation for Otoplasty

After doing some research, you may decide that otoplasty could be a good option for you. Your consultation enables you to determine if otoplasty could provide you with the desired results and if the surgeon will be right for your needs. It also helps steer the direction of the procedure, enabling your surgeon to understand your vision and produce exceptional results.  

During your consultation, Dr. Ho will share insightful information about the procedure with you so that you can make a more informed decision. It may consist of the following information on:  


After your otoplasty ear pinning,Dr. Ho will require you to wear a head dressing for 2-4 weeks to secure your ears in their new position. After two weeks into recovery you should be able to resume your original lifestyle. However, it is vital to know that pain and swelling during the healing process are expected. It may take most patients up to four weeks to fully recover from ear pinning surgery.

Associated Risks

Before the procedure, Dr. Ho will thoroughly go over potential risks of otoplasty ear pinning, the results you can expect to see, and any questions you may have before the procedure.

What should patients expect after Otoplasty?

Each otoplasty procedure is different and catered to the individual patient. Therefore, the extent of swelling, bruising, and tenderness that occur after surgery will vary by patient. A compression dressing is placed around the ears and head at the conclusion of the surgery to prevent hematoma (blood fluid collection) or seroma (serous fluid collection) formation and to prevent the ears from reverting back to their original positions. Every otoplasty patient will follow-up with Dr. Ho the day after surgery for a dressing change and then one week after surgery for suture removal. Each patient will then follow-up again at weeks to months out at regular intervals for re-evaluation. The down time for otoplasty alone is usually minimal; most patients can return to normal daily activities apart from heavy lifting, straining, and strenuous activity the day after surgery. Patients should expect immediate bruising and swelling in the ears after surgery that can be managed well with adherence to the compression dressing and head elevation and typically resolve within a few weeks after surgery. Post-operative pain is usually managed well with prescribed pain medication. Improvement in the appearance of the ears is usually noted after most of the bruising and swelling has subsided. Dr. Ho seeks regular follow-up with her patients to ensure that every patient heals well and is satisfied with their surgical outcome.

Schedule Your Consultation for Otoplasty in Philadelphia

If you desire otoplasty or ear pinning surgery, schedule your procedure with a gentle, skilled, and caring surgeon who aims to exceed exceptions and provide the results patients love. 

Reach out to  Tina Ho, MD Facial Plastic Surgery, and book your otoplasty in Philadelphia today.

“My surgical technique focuses on creating more aesthetically favorable ears that are in proportion with the other components of the face and do not distract from the face.”

Dr. Tina Ho

Dr. Tina Ho


What are the Ideal Ears?
Dr. Ho believes that while every face is unique, the ideal ears are in proportion with the other components of the face and do not distract from the face. The length of the adult ear is commonly 5.5 to 6.5 cm in length with the width 50 to 60% of the length. The ideal projection of the ear from the head as accounted for by the conchomastoid angle is 25 degrees in males and 20 degrees in females. The ideal conchoscaphal angle is 90 degrees. Ideal distances of the superior portion, mid portion, and inferior portion of the ear to the head are 10 to 12 mm, 16 to 18 mm, and 20 to 22 mm, respectively. Dr. Ho utilizes these anatomic principles as a foundation for her surgical technique as well as her aesthetic intuition in otoplasty.
What is Telephone Deformity? What is Reverse Telephone Deformity?
Telephone deformity is one complication from otoplasty that occurs as a result of overcorrection of the middle third of the ear. Reverse telephone deformity arises due to overcorrection of the superior and inferior thirds of the ear. Dr. Ho avoids these potential complications with a natural, conservative approach to otoplasty that follows closely the mathematical principles behind ideal ear anatomy.
Earlobe Repair Cost

Average price range for an otoplasty is $7,000-$9,000, including facility and anesthesia fees for both ears.

Your Otoplasty Ear Pinning Surgery in Philadelphia will be performed by Dr. Tina Ho in her surgery center in Philadelphia.

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