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Please note online appointments can only be booked for our Wayne office at this time. Please call 267.627.6463 to schedule appointments with Dr. Ho in Center City (Philadelphia).

For consultations or treatment visits booked online, a consultation or deposit fee of $150 will be charged at the time of scheduling.

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Revision Neck Lift Surgery in Philadelphia

Conveniently located to serve Philadelphia, Wayne, and the entire Main Line.

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What is Revision Neck Lift surgery?

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Revision neck lift surgery refers to a neck lift procedure that is performed on a patient with history of previous neck lift. A patient may be a candidate for revision neck lift if they are seeking corrective surgery to improve a new or persistent deformity after fully healing from recent surgery or repeat surgery several years following primary neck lift. While neck lift surgery delivers permanent results, the surgical results may only last for several years out and then start to fade since the neck continues to age with time. Revision neck lift surgery is typically much more challenging compared to primary neck lift given that the neck anatomy is altered with scar tissue present. The risks of bleeding and poor healing as well as needed surgical time may be higher with revision surgery.

Dr. Ho is extensively experienced in revision neck lift surgery. Patients from all parts of Philadelphia and the Main Line as well as from greater Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York seek out her expertise as a regional jawline contouring and neck lift specialist. She is available for consultation with all patients with history of previous facelift and neck lift surgery and will thoroughly evaluated each patient to determine whether they are an ideal revision neck lift candidate.

Introducing Dr. Tina Ho! A Double Board-Certified, Fellowship-Trained Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ho is a highly respected female surgeon in the medical community, noted for her charitable work, scientific contributions, and impressive leadership. She is a proud member and is board-certified by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. As a female double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ho is both approachable and relatable to her patients and strives to empower them with beautiful, natural results. Her philosophy is to provide the highest standard of individualized care in greater Philadelphia for a broad spectrum of facial rejuvenation and reconstructive procedures.

Philadelphia’s Female Facial Plastic Surgery

As Philadelphia’s female facial plastic surgeon, I am a double board-certified and fellowship-trained facial contouring expert, attracting patients from all over greater Philadelphia and across the country for surgical contouring procedures including facelift, neck lift, buccal fat removal, chin liposuction, and chin augmentation. Thank you for trusting your face in me.

Revision Neck Lift Results

This kind 45 year-old female patient presented originally for chin liposuction consultation, bothered by the fullness under her chin. I instead recommended a definitive deep plane facelift and neck lift for the best facial and neck rejuvenation and contouring results. She already looks amazing at three months out in these before/after photos. Final outcome is seen at six to twelve months after surgery. We are so thrilled with her results.

This wonderful male patient in his 60s came to me for surgical consultation, bothered by his aging neck. We pursued a deep plane facelift and deep neck lift and are thrilled with his beautiful, natural results. This video displays his surgical outcome one year later. Male facelift patients with shorter hair can have undetectable scars if they are placed along natural creases and curves around the ears and heal favorably.

This beautiful female patient in her 50s came to me for surgical consultation, interested in facelift and neck lift for facial and neck rejuvenation as well as facial and jawline contouring. We pursued a deep plane facelift and deep neck lift where skin, fat, muscle, and gland tissue needed to be removed to achieve her surgical outcome. I am grateful for our surgeon physician relationship and we are so thrilled with her beautiful, natural results.

What can a neck lift achieve?


Educational Videos

Neck lift: What to Expect After Surgery?

What is expected after surgery? After neck lift surgery, a compression dressing will be worn 24/7 the first week and at night the second week. Neck drains and sutures will be removed at one week out; concealer makeup may start to be applied then. Bruising and swelling take 2 weeks or longer to resolve. Return to normal social activities may be expected 1 month after surgery. Final results are realized at 6 months to 1 year following surgery.

Neck lift: what is expected with surgery?

What is expected with surgery? The approach depends on the extent of deeper sculpting and whether skin needs to be removed. With all neck lift surgeries an incision will be created in the crease under the chin. When skin needs to be removed, additional incisions are made behind the ear. If no skin needs to be removed small incisions may still be placed in the earlobe creases only. Once under the skin, the platysma muscle is entered where seller sculpting of fat, muscles, and glands may occur.

Neck lift: Who is an Ideal Candidate?

What is Dr. Ho’s Approach to Revision Neck Lift?

As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ho specializes exclusively in cosmetic procedures of the head and neck region and possesses dedicated training in aging face surgery from one of the top facial plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship programs in the country. Dr. Ho regularly stays up to date in refining her knowledge and surgical techniques to provide her patients with the best surgical results.

Given the challenging nature of revision neck lift surgery, Dr. Ho dedicates the needed time and meticulous attention to help each revision patient achieve their treatment goals. Her surgical technique focuses on producing beautiful, natural results through well-hidden incisions placed in the hairline and natural creases. Dr. Ho will take care to revise prominent scars and lingering earlobe deformities such as pixie ear deformity from prior surgery to maximize the surgical outcome. Furthermore, she specializes in deep plane neck lift and often incorporates her deeper sculpting and resuspension techniques into revision surgery to achieve more dramatic neck contour results.

Patient Testimonials

We truly grateful for this wonderful patient’s beautiful facelift and neck lift results and even more humbled by her kind testimonial. So thankful that she came to Dr. Ho all the way from Rhode Island to trust her face in Dr. Ho in preparation for her wedding day.

This patient from Rhode Island describes her surgery experience as an out-of-town neck lift patient with our concierge aesthetic practice.


Patient Testimonial: Eyelid Lift + Facelift + Neck Lift



Patient Testimonial: Facelift & Neck Lift

This beautiful patient in her 40s came to me for surgical consultation, bothered by her aging face and neck. We pursued a deep plane facelift and deep neck lift to restore more youthful contour to her face, jawline, and neck. We are so grateful for her kind testimonial that describes her patient journey and for her beautiful, natural results.


Your Revision Neck Lift Surgery in Philadelphia will be performed by Dr. Tina Ho in her surgery center in Philadelphia.


What are common issues that can be addressed with Revision Neck Lift?

Common nasal issues that can be improved or corrected with revision neck lift include but are not limited to:

  • Neck skin laxity
  • Pleated skin appearance
  • Platysma banding
  • Submental fat
  • Subplatysmal fat
  • Prominent digastric muscles
  • Prominent or ptotic submandibular glands
  • Prominent scars
  • Pixie ear deformity
What type of patient is the ideal candidate for Revision Neck Lift?
The ideal candidate for revision neck lift is a healthy non-smoking patient who has no remarkable medical or surgical history, does not take blood-thinning medications, and demonstrates strong bony facial features, normal hyoid position, and good skin elasticity. They should demonstrate new or persistent neck deformities from recent surgery or recurrent aging neck issues years out from prior surgery. Good candidates for revision neck lift should demonstrate realistic expectations regarding revision surgery goals and outcome and be committed to long term follow-up to ensure the best surgical results.
How long should I wait before considering revision neck lift surgery after my initial procedure?

In most cases, it is advised to wait at least 12 months after an initial neck lift to consider undergoing a revision surgery. This recommended wait time allows the skin, connective tissue, and muscles adequate time to heal to ensure they are ready for an additional operation. After surgery, the results gradually improve over the course of a year and thus operating too soon may be unnecessary as your appearance at 3 months may be very different than that at 1 year.

The psychological stress of cosmetic surgery can be very overwhelming and thus waiting a year to fully recover is often advised. Revision surgery can be anxiety-provoking and being mentally prepared to undergo another surgery will ensure a smoother and easier recovery.

What are the risks associated with revision neck lift surgery?

Like all surgeries, revision neck lifts are associated with risks. The increased complexity of a revision surgery increases the likelihood of complications, making it even more important to select a highly qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the surgery. 

The risks include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding and hematoma formation
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Poor healing
  • Numbness or changes in skin sensation
  • Injury to nerves
  • Anesthetic complications
  • Blood clots in lower legs or lungs
  • Prolonged swelling
How is revision neck lift surgery different from the initial procedure?

Revision neck lift surgery is a more technically demanding and challenging procedure due to the accumulation of scar tissue from the previous surgery. Revision surgery also requires more surgical time to address the issues stemming from the original surgery. 

Due to the more extensive nature of a revision surgery, post-operative pain, swelling, and bruising will often be greater than an initial surgery. A prolonged recovery period is also expected after a revision surgery. Finally, the psychological impact is often greater in the revision setting as patients worry if the secondary surgery will address the issues prompting the revision. Revision surgery patients have different expectations as their goals were not met with the initial surgery. 

Can revision neck lift surgery address both cosmetic and functional concerns?

Unsatisfactory neck lift surgeries can leave patients with a wide variety of cosmetic and functional concerns. Fortunately, a revision neck lift in Philadelphia can provide a solution to many of these problems and help patients regain their confidence. 

Before attending the appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon, make a list of all your concerns. This will enable the surgeon to specifically address each one and ensure you understand the abilities and limitations of the revision neck lift.

Will I experience more pain or discomfort with revision neck lift surgery compared to the initial procedure?

Pain is a subjective symptom that depends on several different factors. Depending on the extent of the revision surgery, the degree of scar tissue present during surgery, and various patient-specific factors, the pain a patient experiences can vary. However, the pain from a neck lift revision surgery in Philadelphia can be managed with prescription medications in the majority, if not all, of patients. 

While pain and discomfort are expected after the procedure, it is often short-lived and can be minimized by following post-operative instructions. Common solutions to manage pain after a secondary neck lift include:

  • Elevate the head when lying down to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid strenuous exercises and activities during the first month.
  • Take pain medications as prescribed.
  • Avoid straining or lifting anything heavy and limit turning your neck from side to side.
  • Use ice packs to help relieve the pain and improve swelling.
How experienced should a surgeon be in performing revision neck lift surgery?

Many neck lift procedures fail due to the inexperience of the performing surgeon. Therefore, it is important to do your research when selecting a physician to perform a corrective neck lift in Philadelphia. Determining the experience of a surgeon can be found by looking at or asking about these items.

  • Confirm the surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon.
  • Review before and after photos of their neck lift and revision neck lift patients.
  • Read the surgeon’s reviews to see what patients are saying about their experiences.
  • Ask the surgeon how many revision neck lifts they have performed.

When selecting the best surgeon to perform your revision neck lift, it is important to take your time and ensure you are comfortable with the surgeon. There is no harm in scheduling a consultation with a surgeon, but deciding to go with a different surgeon if you do not feel comfortable.