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Please note online appointments can only be booked for our Wayne office at this time. Please call 267.627.6463 to schedule appointments with Dr. Ho in Center City (Philadelphia).

For consultations or treatment visits booked online, a consultation or deposit fee of $150 will be charged at the time of scheduling.

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Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty (Tip Plasty) in Philadelphia

Conveniently located to serve Philadelphia, Wayne, and the entire Main Line.

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Rhinoplasty: Before and After

This wonderful female patient presented for rhinoplasty consultation, interested in improving the appearance of her nose. We pursued primary open rhinoplasty with ear cartilage graft to smooth down her dorsal hump, refine and lift her nasal tip, and reduce the width and size of her nostrils. We are so thrilled with her results.

Septorhinoplasty: Before and After

30 year-old female patient came to me for a rhinoplasty consultation, most bothered by nasal deformity issues including prominent nasal bones, crooked nose, nostril asymmetry, dorsal hump, and downturned, round tip with history of prior nasal trauma. We pursued an open septorhinoplasty to take down her hump and smooth out her nasal bones, straighten her nose, lift and refine her nasal tip and improve her nostril asymmetry. She wanted to maintain stronger, higher nasal bridge to preserve her Italian ethnicity. We are so thrilled with her beautiful, natural results demonstrated in this video on year later. Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging procedures in plastic surgery – so many surgical techniques and maneuvers are implemented to create even the most subtle changes in the nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty: Before and After

In the game of facial rejuvenation, often less is more for achieving beautiful, natural results. This wonderful patient desired a more conservative approach to rhinoplasty – she only wanted to take down her dorsal hump and slightly lift her nasal tip. Through a closed approach, we were able to help achieve her surgical goals. As illustrated in this rhinoplasty reveal reel, the patient demonstrated typical nasal swelling when her cast was removed one week following surgery. Her surgical results have been aging like fine wine over time since then – she looks amazing at three months out!

Nasal tip surgery is a surgical procedure performed by rhinoplasty surgeons to reshape the tip of the nose. Your nose is essential to your appearance and determines your overall facial harmony. Having a wide, bulbous tip to the nose alters the aesthetics of the face and causes the nose to be out of proportion to the other facial features. 

As a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Tina Ho is considered one of the best tip rhinoplasty surgeons in Philadelphia. If you are unhappy with a wide nasal tip, bulbous nose tip, long or short nose tip, or an overall uneven nasal tip, you could benefit from a tip rhinoplasty procedure.

What is Functional Rhinoplasty?

Beautiful young woman nose

Nose tip reshaping is accomplished by either a closed or open surgical procedure that focuses on recontouring the tip of the nose to improve symmetry and appropriate proportions to the face. Some changes in the nasal tip can also be accomplished with liquid rhinoplasty. 

In liquid rhinoplasty, the surgeon will utilize dermal fillers to help recontour and reshape the nose. This approach can help to smooth out bumps, improve symmetry, and make minor adjustments to the nasal structure. While providing a quicker recovery and reduced cost option, the results are temporary and may wear off over a 6 to 12-month period.

Nose tip reshaping using a surgical approach has the potential to achieve greater results that are permanent. A closed approach involves incisions only within the nostrils, whereas an open approach includes an outer incision between the nostril but gives greatest exposure of the tip. During surgery, excess soft tissues are removed, cartilage from other areas can be used to create tip grafts, specialized sutures are applied, and alterations to the nasal tip can be performed to create a more desirable tip contour, angle, and projection. A longer recovery and higher cost are associated with surgical procedures, but more dramatic results can be achieved.

Am I a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty Tip Refinement?

Patients with a pointy nose tip, a nasal tip that rotates upward or droops, or a wide, bulbous nasal tip may be candidates for this procedure. Generally, patients should be in good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations of what a tip rhinoplasty can accomplish. 

To reduce the risk of complications, the ideal candidate should be a non-smoker and be able to stop any blood-thinning medications. Unsure you are a good candidate, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ho to discuss your options.

ethnic rhinoplasty - left lateral view

Why Choose Dr. Tina Ho?

Dr. Tina Ho is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery training. As a female surgeon, she is intuitively aware of the concerns and needs of her patients and provides a relaxed environment to discuss available cosmetic options. 

Identified as the best in facial plastic surgery by Philadelphia Style Magazine, Dr. Ho provides world-class care for the Philadelphia area and surrounding communities and states. Priding herself on providing her patients with the best in individualized care and exceptional treatment, Dr. Ho has established herself as a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Ho’s office is conveniently located to serve Philadelphia and the surrounding metropolitan region and the greater tri-state area including Center City, the Main Line, Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware.

How Much Does Tip Rhinoplasty Cost in Philadelphia?

Tip rhinoplasty in Philadelphia can range from $5,000 to $12,500 or more. This wide range is due to multiple factors that must be considered in determining the overall costs. In addition, each procedure is individualized to the patient’s needs and desires and can fluctuate significantly between patients.

Factors Determining the Cost of Tip Reshaping Surgery

The overall costs of nasal tip surgery depend on the extent of correction needed, geographic location, surgeon experience, and fees associated with the surgical procedure. 

Extent of Correction

The complexity of correction and needed procedures can differ significantly between procedures and may require additional incisions to obtain cartilage grafts from the ear or rib. The complexity of the surgery plays a significant role in determining the overall costs. 

Geographic Location

Higher demands for cosmetic surgeries and higher operational costs associated with large cities, such as Philadelphia, and being on the East Coast result in increased operative costs. 

Surgeon’s Experience

Nose tip reshaping is one of the more complex parts of rhinoplasty and requires an enhanced level of expertise and skill to be performed correctly. Selecting an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who has successfully performed this procedure numerous times is invaluable. Surgeons having more experience are in higher demand and will often charge higher prices to remain competitive.

Surgical Fees

Depending on the extent of rhinoplasty tip refinement required, the procedure may need to be performed under general anesthesia in a surgery center or hospital, which can increase costs due to facility and anesthesia fees.


What to Expect During the Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, Dr. Ho will evaluate the nose to determine the steps necessary to provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing nasal tip. After reviewing your medical history, Dr. Ho will determine if the procedure is safe for you and develop a customized approach. The total cost of the procedure and the financing options available will be discussed during this appointment.

Recovery From Surgery

Swelling, bruising, and discomfort are expected during the first few days following the procedure and can be minimized by sleeping with the head elevated. Numbness at the tip of the nose is expected and resolves within a few weeks. 

Light activities and walking can resume immediately after the procedure; however, strenuous exercise should be avoided for up to a month after surgery. Initial results can be appreciated within two to four weeks of the procedure, but the final result may take twelve months or longer to become fully apparent.

Risks Associated with Tip Rhinoplasty Surgery

Following your functional rhinoplasty procedure, you will need a recovery period of about one to two weeks. It is common to experience bruising, swelling, and soreness. To manage pain and discomfort, pain medication may be prescribed. The splint will be removed about a week after surgery.

    Schedule a Consultation at Tina Ho MD Facial Plastic Surgery 

    If you are unhappy with the appearance of the tip of your nose, Dr. Ho can help restore the beauty, contour, and symmetry of the nose with a tip rhinoplasty procedure. Boost your confidence today, schedule a consultation at Tina Ho MD Facial Plastic Surgery, where you will receive extraordinary care with a personalized approach to achieve the best results possible.

    To schedule a consultation, call our office at 267-578-3064 (Philadelphia) or 610-688-3363 (Wayne).


    Patient Testimonial Videos

    Rhinoplasty Patient Testimonial

    This beautiful patient shares her rhinoplasty experience with Dr. Tina Ho.

    Rhinoplasty Recovery Video

    This beautiful patient takes us through her rhinoplasty recovery after undergoing surgery with Dr. Tina Ho.

    “My surgical technique focuses on creating a natural, more youthful and more awake, unoperated look for every blepharoplasty patient.”

    Dr. Tina Ho

    Dr. Tina Ho

    Learn More During a Consultation

    Dr. Thuy-Van Tina Ho will be available to discuss functional rhinoplasty and the variety of other procedures we perform during a consultation. Set up an appointment for your consultation – contact our office today.
    Your Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty (Tip Plasty) in Philadelphia will be performed by Dr. Tina Ho in her surgery center in Philadelphia.


    Is Tip Rhinoplasty permanent?

    The results of a surgical tip rhinoplasty are considered to be permanent as the cartilage and soft tissues are reshaped or removed. These tissues will not grow back, and after all the swelling has resolved, this final appearance will be permanent. 

    If a non-surgical tip rhinoplasty is performed using dermal fillers, the results will gradually fade as the body absorbs the filler. However, these results will often last up to a year which can be extended with touch-up injections.

    How long does it take for tip rhinoplasty to heal?

    The incisions are typically healed within a week of the surgery; however, more time is required for the soft tissues to fully heal. As these tissues heal, the degree of swelling from the surgery will drastically reduce. To be fully recovered from a tip rhinoplasty surgery, it can take twelve months or longer, at which time the final results will be visible.

    Luckily, many patients can return to activities well before the final results are achieved. Typically, at one to two weeks the majority of patients have returned to work. Most light activities can be restarted at this time and all activities can be resumed at three to four weeks following the surgery. 

    Can you reshape the tip of your nose without surgery?

    Yes. Dermal fillers can be strategically injected to alter the shape of the nose and improve the appearance of the nasal tip without the need for surgery. This approach can help smooth out bumps, improve symmetry, and make minor adjustments to the nasal structure. While the corrections achieved with dermal fillers can be dramatic, the results are only temporary. Typically the results are visible for up to a year and if needed, booster injections can be performed to lengthen the results of a non-surgical tip rhinoplasty.

    Can you get surgery just on the tip of your nose?

    Yes. Many patients are very close to having their ideal nose; however, the appearance of the nasal tip or nostrils can prevent them from being truly satisfied with their nose. This is exactly where a tip rhinoplasty procedure can be of benefit. This surgical procedure addresses the common issues associated with the tip of the nose such as a wide nose tip, bulbous nose tip, long or short nose tip, and an uneven nose tip. Addressing these issues can enhance the aesthetics of the nose and boost the patient’s self-confidence.