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Please note online appointments can only be booked for our Wayne office at this time. Please call 267.627.6463 to schedule appointments with Dr. Ho in Center City (Philadelphia).

For consultations or treatment visits booked online, a consultation or deposit fee of $150 will be charged at the time of scheduling.

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How Much Does Jawline Contouring Cost?

A pronounced jawline could be exactly what you need to elevate your appearance. You are probably wondering what the best facial plastic surgery procedure would be to help you achieve a more defined jawline. 

Jawline contouring is a procedure (surgical or nonsurgical) carried out to enhance the physical definition and projection of the chin and jawline. Studies show that the two crucial factors that determine your facial attractiveness include your chin and jawline position and projection. Even the slightest double chin may reduce an individual’s sense of facial balance and confidence. 

Discover the possibilities of jawline contouring in Philadelphia! In this article, you will learn more about jawline contouring costs in Philadelphia, what these charges include, factors to consider in the jaw contouring price, and more. If you’re ready to enhance your jawline and achieve a more defined and attractive look, schedule a consultation with our expert team today! Transform your appearance and boost your confidence with jawline contouring in Philadelphia.

What Is The Average Or Expected Cost Of Jawline Contouring In Philadelphia?

Jawline contouring costs in Philadelphia vary and depend on the procedure a patient desires or needs. For instance, a patient might prefer a more permanent surgical chin implant over noninvasive methods like fillers on his chin that can have a higher initial cost but be less expensive in the long run. 

Jawline contouring procedures may be surgical, such as chin implants or genioplasty, or nonsurgical such as dermal fillers or injections. Whether your procedure is surgical or nonsurgical, you will want to find the best surgeon to help you achieve your treatment goals.

In Philadelphia, the average cost for a nonsurgical jawline contouring and chin augmentation ranges from $2,000 to $5,000. Dr. Tina Ho, MD, a Philadelphia board-certified facial plastic surgeon, offers injectable fillers at $800 per syringe and filler packages that start at $1,500 minimum at her Wayne location.

Surgical procedures offer more permanence and are time-consuming, and therefore, they cost more. The average cost of surgical chin augmentation is $4,000 to $6,000 including facility and anesthesia fees. 

What Is Included In The Jawline Contouring Cost?

Jawline contouring costs involve several components. While the specific inclusions may vary among surgeons and clinics, here are some common elements to watch out for in jawline surgery cost:

  1. Surgeon fees
  2. Anesthesia services
  3. Facility or clinic fees
  4. Medical tests or imaging 
  5. Preoperative consultation fees
  6. Surgical materials or implants cost
  7. Post-operative care expenses

Nonsurgical jawline contouring costs may include:

  1. Treatment fees
  2. Injectable material costs
  3. Preoperative consultation fees
  4. Post-treatment care expenses

These are general considerations for surgical or nonsurgical jawline contouring. However, an in-person consultation with your surgeon will help clarify for you which procedures would best meet your treatment goals, other requirements, and cost-effectiveness of the intended procedures.

Surgeon fees

The surgeon’s experience influences the cost of jawline contouring. A provider with significant experience, for example, will charge higher consultation fees and procedure rates than a less experienced provider with fewer certifications or experience.


There is no evidence of a special price for jawline contouring costs in Philadelphia or other states. Plastic surgery procedures are frequently sought out in cities or areas with higher living costs, resulting in higher prices. Therefore, your geographic location can influence the price you end up paying for your jawline contouring procedure. 

Cost of anesthesia

Jawline contouring may require general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the surgeon’s preference. Anesthesia fees are usually separate from surgeon fees and are determined by the type of anesthesia used and the length of the procedure.

Preoperative consultation and follow-ups

Most jawline contouring surgery costs include preoperative consultations, during which the surgeon evaluates your suitability for the procedure and discusses your expectations. Followup visits are also usually included in the surgeon fee. Post-operative expenses on medications and wound care materials will add to the cost of surgery. 


Can I Get Financing For Jawline Contouring In Philadelphia?

Many individuals choose to manage cosmetic procedure costs themselves. This way, they can comfortably handle expenses without debts. However, if you are considering options to finance your jawline contouring costs, you can view the following suggestions.  

Personal Loans

Personal loans from financial institutions such as banks, online lenders, or credit unions could be your first choice. This way, you can get a loan and repay it with interest. However, you should compare the interest rates of every available option and choose the best choice.

Healthcare Financing Options

Healthcare financing companies like CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit, provide loans for medical or cosmetic procedures like jawline contouring. Their payment plans are flexible, and interest rates are not always high. Tina Ho MD Facial Plastic Surgery is a CareCredit provider. 

Credit Cards

If you use a credit card with a sufficient credit limit, you can use it to cover the cost of your jawline contouring procedure.

Does Insurance Cover Jawline Augmentation?

No, jawline contouring costs are not covered by insurance. The American Medical Association (AMA) considers jawline contouring a cosmetic procedure, not a medical procedure. Since cosmetic procedures are not covered by your in-network provider, this generally results in patients covering these expenses out of pocket, or with the help of a payment plan.  


Am I A Good Candidate For Jawline Contouring Surgery?

Now that you have a better idea on how much jawline contouring costs, you are probably wondering if you are eligible to undergo the procedure. You may be an excellent candidate for jawline contouring if any of the following apply to you:

  • You do not like your chin or jawline shape or projection
  • Your physical health is excellent
  • You are concerned about softness or lack of definition in your jawline or chin
  • You are interested in facial feminization surgery
  • You have realistic expectations of the procedure outcome

Lastly, if you do not have any adverse medical conditions or bleeding disorders and want to improve the appearance of your jawline and chin, you are a suitable candidate for jawline contouring.


No one is born with the perfect jawline. There are effective procedures on the market, such as injectable treatments and jawline contouring surgery that can boost your confidence and facial balance and improve your facial overall appearance. The goal of any jawline sculpting procedure is to create harmony and balance in the face. 

If you have concerns about your facial disposition, you should look into jawline contouring.

Dr. Tina Ho, MD, is a leading facial plastic surgeon in Philadelphia and can provide optimal results to enhance your facial attractiveness.
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